Counseling Services Offered


One of the mental health services offered is child counseling sessions. If a child needs counselling, we aim to help the the child through their problems and current issues through positive reinforcement, play therapy, behavioral therapy, and family therapy. Through family therapy sessions we get together with loved ones in the family including parents to help form a well rounded positive support system for the child. Through children counseling you can expect your child to learn how to cope with anxiety, trauma, and how to work through life problems. 


Family counseling is an important service in which the therapists helps families with children learn how to solve problems, conflicts, and issues. During your sessions you can expect to work through various family issues, learn how to resolve current and future conflicts amongst each other, learn how to be a better positive support system for each other, build a better relationship with each other, and much more. 

Life Transition & Education

Life can throw all sorts of changes our way. With life transition counseling you are sue to find the right help you need to learn how to adjust your coping mechanisms to fit your ever changing lifestyle. Whether it’s a new job, health changes, stress, or other adjustment disorder related issues, life transition and education will guide you to find the right support system through family and friends to help you thrive through life’s changes. 

ptsd & Trauma

There are many forms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This can be caused by various types of traumatic experiences that you may have experienced in your life. With PTSD counseling you can find help in how to cope with triggers, how to handle different scenarios in life, and learn how to find peace when after a traumatic event. 


Abuse can happen in many different ways. Whether it’s verbal or physical abuse, getting help on how to heal is the best way to learn how to thrive in life once more. Through these mental health counseling sessions geared towards abuse you can find a way to cope with the events that happened and how to work through life after abuse.

other services Offered

At Go Thrive Therapy we focus mainly on Children, Family, Trauma, Abuse, PTSD, and Life Transition Services but am able to work with similar sessions. If you have a current issue and are seeking counseling for it you can always fill out the contact form here and see if we are a good fit to help you get the help you need.